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Pregnancy 1 to 40 Week Informations

Calendar of pregnant woman

The baby spends around 38 weeks in the womb, but the average duration of a pregnancy is considered to be of 40 weeks, because the count begins the first day of a woman's last menstrual period, and not the day of conception, which usually has place two weeks later.

Pregnancy period is divided into three quarters:

- First quarter - the first 12 weeks
- Second quarter - week 12-24
- Third quarter - week 24-40

Pregnancy - conception

Conception occurs when the female egg is fertilized by male sperm. Child sex, and genetic heritage are established at the time.

Pregnancy - Week 1

At 30 hours after conception, the egg cell divides into two. On the third day, egg cell (zygote) divides into 16 cells. After another two days, the zygote has migrated from the fallopian tube into the uterus. On the seventh day, zygote stays in the folds of the uterine lining. The zygote is now known as the blastocyst.

Pregnancy - Week 2

Fetus in training is less than a grain of rice. Cells that divide rapidly is in the process of forming the various body systems, including the digestive system.

Pregnancy - Week 3

The neural tube develops now will eventually become the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

Pregnancy - Week 4

The child is now known as the embryo. It has about 3 millimeters long. At this stage, it secretes hormones to prevent menstruation special mother.

Pregnancy - Week 5

The heart began to beat. The embryo is developing its placenta and amniotic fluid bag. The placenta is fixed in the uterine wall in order to extract oxygen and nutrients from the mother's body.

Pregnancy - Week 6

The embryo is now about 1.3 inches long. Growing spine looks like a tail. The head is much larger than the rest of the body.

Pregnancy - Week 7

Now form the eyes, mouth and tongue. Weak muscles allow the embryo to start moving. Embryonic liver produces blood cells.

Pregnancy - Week 8

The embryo has now become the fetus and is about 2.5 inches long. All body organs are formed. Hands and feet which until now were able to develop early start fingers. The brain is active.

Pregnancy - Week 9

Teeth begin to structure inside the gums. The heart continues to develop.

Pregnancy - Week 10

Fingers and hands and feet are shaped, but still linked together by membranes.

Pregnancy - Week 11

The fetus can swim quite well in amniotic fluid. Is now little more than 7 inches long.

Pregnancy - Week 12

United eyelids grow over the eyes which are now fully trained. Child and may even weep in silence, since he formed the vocal chords. It could even start to suck your thumb. Also now i increase and nails in hands and fingers and toes.

Pregnancy - Week 14

Muscles are expanding and moves child while swimming and kick, are in increasingly coordinated.

Pregnancy - Week 16

The fetus now measures about 14 inches. I have eyelashes and eyebrows form and language is now and taste papilla. Around of the eighteenth week of pregnancy is usually an ultrasonic inspection to detect possible anomalies, placental position or a possible multiple pregnancy. Interesting is that everything now can see that the fetus hiccups.

Pregnancy - Week 20

The fetus is now about 21 inches long. Ears work perfectly and it can record external sounds faded. Buricele finger prints have now. Child sex can be distinguished from an ultrasound.

Pregnancy - Week 24

The fetus is now about 33 inches long. United eyelids now separate into upper and lower eyelids, allowing the child to open and close their eyes. The skin is covered with extremely fine hair and protected by a layer of wax secretion having consistency. Child drawing
amniotic fluid in lungs and out already trained

Pregnancy - Week 28

The fetus is now about 37 inches long. Increased body catch up head, which was quite large at first, now seems much more balanced child.

Pregnancy - Week 32

The child spends most of his time sleeping. His movements are now strong and coordinated. You probably already seated in the head down, ready to be born.

Pregnancy - Week 36

The baby measures about 46 now inches long. Probably has already nesting mother's head in the pelvis, ready to come into the world. If born now, is likely to survive.
Lungs grow rapidly in the next weeks.

Pregnancy - Week 38

The baby is now about 51 inches long and is ready for birth. It is believed that during this period the child begins to secrete hormones that trigger early labor.


- The period of pregnancy is 40 weeks from the first day of a woman's last menstrual period.
- Gender of the child, and genetic heritage are established when designing it.
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